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This page describes the terms and conditions for participating in the reuse model of futuREproof as a consumer.

futuREproof offers reusable food and beverage containers as a service to make zero waste convenient. It is our mission to make reusable packaging a sustainable and accessible alternative to single use packaging.

futuREproof leases reusable food containers in an ecosystem and facilitates the collection, cleaning and transport by the use of smart technology


 – Food containers: reusable containers that are used for packaging the meal or beverage until the expected time of consumptions

 – User : all persons that benefit from using a reusable container from futuREproof’s ecosystem for consuming their meal or beverage

 – futuREproof application :  the mobile application that is used to coordinate the use of the reusable food containers for consumers, food -, cleaning and logistic partners.

 – collection point: a location where reusable food containers can be returned for cleaning and reuse.

 – Gastronomy partners: are organizations that provide meals and use the futuREproof technology, infrastructure and containers for providing meals in reusable containers. Food partners can be restaurants, restaurant chains, cantines, catering service providers, shops, hotels, etc. .

 – Cleaning partners : partners involved in performing the cleaning activities

 – Logistic partners : partners involved for the logistical activities in mov


1.  Users have to register themselves in the mobile application to participate in the ecosystem. Registration is free.

2. As part of the registration process, the user has to accept the general terms and conditions. 

3. The user is required to leave his payment details in the application in order to be able to a. lend out food containers in the library model or b. get the deposit value back in the deposit model.

4. The user agrees with the registration that he/she can be contacted through e-mail or app notifications by futuREproof to coordinate the operational activities required for reusing the food containers. In particular: reminders about outstanding time to return food containers and payment requests.

1. futuREproof offers the reusable containers in two systems: a library model and a deposit model:

 1.A. Library model: 

In the library model, users are free to lend food container without paying a deposit upfront. The user can benefit from this service with following conditions:

  • It is FREE for users if the reusable food containers are returned to a collection point within 14 days. futuREproof will remind the user before the end of this time window to facilitate him with this goal.
  • It is always possible for the user to extend this time window by 7 days in exchange for € 1.
  • If the food containers are not returned within the time window, the deposit value and a fee of € 2 will be charged.
  • The food containers can be returned at any time after the original time window at which the consumer gets the full deposit value back if there is no sign of exceptional damage.
   1.B.  Deposit model :


In the deposit model the user pays for the deposit of the food container at the counter of the gastronomy partner. The user can get his deposit back by scanning the reusable containers at a collection point.


2. The deposit values are based on market value and depend on the respective reusable food and beverage containers.

3.  In case of an outstanding payment by the consumer, futuREproof reserves the right to refuse to offer further reusable food containers for free.

1. Collection points can be found in the futuREproof application and show which kind of reusable food container can be returned to this specific point. futuREproof reserves the right to refuse food containers that are not to highlighted in the application.

2. We ask all consumers to use the food containers with respect. Normal tear and wear is to be expected after using the containers, but in case of severe damaging of the food containers futuREproof remains the right to refrain from paying back the deposit value or in case of repeating damage to exclude users from the ecosystem.

1. The cleaning of the reusable food containers is performed at hygienic standards by our cleaning partners. 

2. Due to the sanitization process at elevated temperatures there is no risk of contamination of viruses (including Covid) and bacteria.

3. The reuse ecosystem has currently not been tested for allergens – we therefore ask if you are highly sensitive to certain allergens to refrain from using the reuse model for the time being.

1. All personal data is saved on a secured server within the EU. 

2. Payment information is encrypted and saved by our partner Stripe and we do not have access to this data. 

3. Your personal information will not be shared with third parties. 

4. Users remain the right to deregister their account at any time. 

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